Carbofex Ltd is a technology provider for continuous pyrolysis located in Nokia, Finland.


The continuous pyrolysis unit utilizes biomass to high degree. The unique, controlled pyrolysis technique allows usage of variety of raw material and precisely controlled carbonisation. Temperature and residence time can be accurately adjusted so the resulting biochar is of uniform quality. Pyrolysis technology turns existing biomass into valuable products of biochar, oil, and gas. There are multiple productive and environmental uses for production. These include fertile soil for plants and the filtration of harmful chemicals. The facility produces more energy than it consumes. Extra renewable energy can be used for heating, cooling, or desalination. The Carbofex de-carboniser is a continuously operating intermediate pyrolysis unit. The technology is based on an indirectly heated (allo-thermal) screw reactor. The unit converts biomass into biochar, pyrolysis oil and gas. The carbon recovery is over 50%. The gases are used to energise the reactor and other applications such as dryers and hot water boilers. With the de-carboniser it is possible to produce high quality biochar with low PAH levels. Flue gas emissions are very low, and a considerable amount of CO2 is bound into biochar. This removed CO2 equivalent can be traded internationally through compensation services.

Plant size

Fuel performance 1,8 MW (waste wood feedstock); Feedstock capacity (max) 3500 tons/year (waste wood feedstock); Biochar output capacity (max) 1000 tons/year; Energy output (heat); 10 000 MWh/year; Energy generating rate 1.25 MW

Type of production

Continuous production

Process temperature


Possible feedstock

The plant can utilize biomass such as olive pits, olive cake, pecans, walnuts, hazels, pistachios, straw, hulls, waste wood, date pits, palm kernels and coconut shells

Maximum water content


Heat and energy use options

Nokia plant runs a 1 MW district heating plant as part of a municipal heating network. Excess heat, not needed for drying biomass or the pyrolysis process, is thus sold to the local district heating company. Heat can be generated both from pyrolysis gas and by flue gas heat extraction.


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