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Carbo-FORCE GmbH was founded by Malte Graf and Kai Alberding at the end of 2017. It all started with a vision. As entrepreneurs, we saw it as our duty to tackle some of the big problems of our time. Not with restrictions, but with innovation, shared vision and experience, we went to work and developed an innovative plant technology to help preserve this planet for future generations. Our entire team is driven by this thought. We have over 15 years of experience in the field of pyrolysis (thermal splitting of chemical compounds) and environmental engineering (technical and technological processes to protect the environment and restore already damaged ecosystems). Therefore, we know that sustainable technology must be both environmentally and user friendly in order to remain feasible. We are also convinced that active climate protection, waste-to-value conversion and economic efficiency are not mutually exclusive - they benefit from each other! Carbon is one of the most important building blocks of life. It is the basis of all natural materials and forms numerous bonds. For example, when forests die, CO2 enters the atmosphere and is bound elsewhere by plants or rivers. So carbon is simply everywhere. And by now, there is even a greater amount in the air than the natural cycle can neutralize. Carbo-FORCE GmbH shows how this can be counteracted: the start-up from Preetz in northern Germany has developed a pioneering system for carbonizing biomass. BAUER Resources GmbH has now acquired 50% of the company's shares as of January 1, 2023.


The Carbo-FORCE® X250 is a carbonisation plant for the production of biochar and energy. It uses the technology of partial oxidation, an automatically controlled air/oxygen injection into the Carbo-FORCE® reactor chamber to produce biochar and energy (heating or process heat) starting from the feedstock wood chips or organic suitable biomasses coupled. The technology used produces high-quality biochar using feedstock, which is filled into big bags after a cooling and moistening process and from there is directly ready for dispatch. The biochar is produced in a Carbo-FORCE® reactor. The fuel (wood chips) is fed into this reactor via a fuel lock. In the Carbo-FORCE® reactor, the fuel is converted to biochar by thermal degassing. The degassing is carried out at a temperature of 650 - 850 °C. These process temperatures are generated by partial oxidation of the fuel gases escaping from the fuel by adding a metered amount of combustion air to the fuel gases in the reactor. The burnout of the fuel gases from the Carbo-FORCE® reactor takes place in a downstream high-temperature combustion chamber without residues. The hot exhaust gas from the combustion chamber is used to generate useful heat. The useful heat is available as hot water. The system has been designed for continuous 24/7 operation and should be used for continuous operation accordingly. The entire plant is containerized. Specially modified ISO containers agreed with the client serve as the basis.

Plant size


Type of production

Continuous production

Process temperature


Possible feedstock

Organic Residues, Wood Chips, Kernels, Waste Wood, Sewege Sludge

Maximum water content


Heat and energy use options

In the heat distribution and extraction system, thermal energy of hot flue gases is transferred to hot water which deals as heat transfer medium. For this purpose, a 2-stage flue gas heat exchanger is integrated to extract useful heat from flue gas. In connection with a hydraulic separator, useful heat is now available for external purposes and possible feedstock drying. Heat that is not required is released into the environment by means of an emergency cooler. Other energy use options are steam and power.


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