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Woodtek Biochar

Welshpool, Wales
AgricultureLivestock IndustrySoil IndustryUrban Green Spaces
  • Capacity
    Medium (200 - 2000 t)
  • Feedstock
    Woodchips, Green waste, Screen overflow
  • Plant system
    Own technology
  • Certification
  • Carbon sink certificate

A family-run business with over 40 years in farming, 30 years in biomass & renewables, and a long history in engineering have all been key to the success of our pyrolysis thermal combustion system. Having spent over 30 years operating, installing and servicing a wide range of biomass boilers and energy from waste plants, our development has focused on the precision two-stage pyrolysis thermal combustion of a wide range of complex and waste fuels, whilst engineering out many of the service and operation issues that operators have encountered over the years.


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