Highly efficient, resource-conserving and climate-positive energy generation: SynCraft, the Austrian high-tech company based in Schwaz, Tyrol, has been building and implementing climate-positive energy systems worldwide for over ten years now, generating electricity, heat and valuable biochar from forest residues. In 2020, the company was able to put as many turnkey systems into operation as in the first ten years since its founding in 2009 combined - including in Japan. Currently, 31 reverse power plants are producing clean energy and further 28 systems are under construction. In 2020, the company received two prestigious awards for its innovative technology, which is based on years of in-house research and development work: the "Energy Globe Award" and the "TRIGOS Award".


Electricity, heat and biochar from wood: The Austrian high-tech company SynCraft has set itself the task of resource-saving and sustainable energy production. With its self-developed and patented floating fixed bed technology, the company based in Schwaz, Tyrol, has succeeded in revolutionising energy production from wood. The core of the highly efficient SynCraft wood-fired power plants is the floating fixed-bed technology developed in-house. While in classic fixed-bed reactors gravity and the gas flow act downwards and thus cause increasing compression of the reactor contents, in the floating fixed-bed reactor these two forces act in the opposite direction. As a result, the char bed in the gasifier always remains ideally loosened and well permeable, no matter how fine or structured the wood chips were beforehand. Gasification in the fixed-bed reactor produces such clean gas that the highly efficient gas engines can process it effortlessly. This means that the wood-fired power plant requires much less maintenance than conventional wood gasification plants. In addition, foreign bodies and slagging can be effortlessly removed at the foot of the floating fixed-bed reactor due to the upward operation.

Plant size

400 - 4,000 tons per year / 400 - 4,000 kW electric

Type of production

Continuous production

Process temperature


Possible feedstock

Wood-based fuel (wood chips) specification “G50” particle size: P31 to P45-F20-A2.0

Maximum water content


Heat and energy use options

Power generation, Hot water 95°C, Synthesis gas, Incinerator, Gas burner


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