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At the beginning of 2017, Next Generation Elements GmbH (NGE for short) was founded with the aim of finding customised solutions for the recycling of residual materials from industry and municipalities. Under the umbrella of Next Generation Holding, NGE focuses on the planning, development and realisation of pyrolysis plants. The development of the fully continuous, electrically heated pyrolysis reactor, the so-called "T:CRACKER", began in 2015 while still at NGR. The T:CRACKER is currently used in the field of chemical recycling. In the course of the last few years, the prototype was further developed into a directly heated pyrolysis reactor specifically for the application of biogenic input materials.


The NGE portfolio currently includes pyrolysis reactors for the classic chemical recycling of plastic residues and pyrolysis reactors for the processing of (moist) biomass into biochar. For the processing of biogenic residues, NGE has developed a complete solution in cooperation with Jumbo smart dry GmbH from Germany, which enables the energy-autonomous drying and carbonisation of biogenic residues on site. In the so-called "PyroDry" process, pyrolytic decomposition takes place in the specially developed directly heated "T:CRACKER_DH", which produces biochar and pyrolysis gas. The pyrolysis gas is burnt in compliance with the legal conditions and the resulting energy is used for heating the pyrolysis and for drying. The biochar produced has multiple applications such as soil production, agriculture and animal feed industry and contributes to active carbon storage (PyCCS).

Plant size

Capacity in KW 150, 350 and 500 (tonnes of biochar depends on the input material and the water content)

Type of production

Continuous production

Process temperature


Possible feedstock

Digestate, plant based material, manure, sewage sludge;

Maximum water content

PyroDry around 80-85%; T:CRACKER_DH 15%

Heat and energy use options

T:CRACKER_DH: Flue gas with a temperature of 850 °C; T:CRACKER_DH_WW: Hot water extraction


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