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89537 Giengen, Germany
AgricultureConstruction IndustryPlastics and TextilesSteel and Metal ProductionUrban Green Spaces
  • Capacity
    Industrial (5000+ t)
  • Feedstock
    Woodchips, Screen overflow
  • Plant system
  • Carbon sink certificate

“carbonauten – minus CO2 factory” develops and produces technical biocarbons as semi-finished and finished products (granulates, blends, liquids), high-quality pyrolysis oils and base-load renewable energy (heat, electricity, hydrogen) on an industrial scale. After the launch of the “minus CO2 factory 001”, dozens of sites will be realised worldwide from 2023. The proprietary, modular batch retort system is flexible in input and output, robust (no rotating parts), energy efficient (8 GWh th / a / module, 850° C) and cools the biocarbons without water.


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