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BLOCK Bio Innovationen GmbH & Co. KG

25767 Osterrade, Germany
AgricultureConstruction IndustryFiltration and DecontaminationFood IndustryLivestock IndustrySoil IndustryUrban Green Spaces
  • Capacity
    Medium (200 - 2000 t)
  • Feedstock
  • Plant system
    Carbo Force
  • Certification
    EBC-AgroOrganic, EBC-AgroOrganic, EBC-AgroOrganic
  • Carbon sink certificate
    EBC sink certificate

With the carbonization of regional biomass Block Bio Innovationen GmbH & Co. KG is implementing practical solutions for negative emission technologies and is thus turning residues back into valuable feedstock. The production and distribution of high-quality biochar is securing profitability and ensuring constant growth of the project.

email: steffen@block-bi.de
phone: +49 176 70350823


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