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3R-BioPhosphate Ltd. (since 1989) is a technology intensive company, playing international leading role in the RTD, engineering and full industrialization of the zero emission pyrolysis technology and it’s bio-products. Originally the company has been an joint venture with ALSTOM POWER subsidy (Lang Machine Works, since 1870) and became independent organization in 2001. The main specialization is the BioPhosphate recovery and high quality biochar processing.


The specific 3R zero emission pyrolysis and nutrient recovery process is based on indirectly heated revolutionary designed rotary kiln, providing reductive thermal decomposition of any biomass at as high as 850 degree C material core temperature in vacuum. The zero emission and the highly efficient pyrolysis process add up to comprehensive recycling and the reuse of all material and gas feed streams. The core competence of the company is the ecological recycling and added value reuse of unexploited biomass by specific and advanced high temperature 3R Zero Emission pyrolysis and biotech means. Processing both plant residues into high C content biochar soil improver (at 450C material core) and animal by-products (at 850C material core) for biofertilizers. Standard capacity 20,800 t/y.

Plant size

20,800 t/y formulated biochar and 16,000 MWe/y surplus green electricity and surplus thermal energy

Type of production

Continuous production

Process temperature

850 degree Celsius

Possible feedstock

animal bone grist (cat. 3 cattle bone), agriculture residues, wood chips

Maximum water content


Heat and energy use options

Energy independent, autothermal, surplus bioenergy 2 MWe/h (16,000 MWe/y) green electricity production and surplus thermal energy.


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