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3R-BioPhosphate Ltd.

2472 Hungary
AgricultureFiltration and DecontaminationFood Industry
  • Capacity
    Industrial (5000+ t)
  • Feedstock
    Woodchips, Spelt husks, Cocoa shells, Mixed pits and shells, Cellulose fibre, Mixed agricultural residues, Maize
  • Plant system
    Own technology

The 3R (Recycle-Recover-Reuse) zero emission pyrolysis novel transformation process is a unique and original biochar industrial deep-tech design in economy of scale. The 3R has been specifically designed for circular upcycling of unexploited biomass animal by-products at as high as >850C material core temperature and conversion into added value functional products, such as ABC Animal Bone Char. All 3R biochar products are biotech formulated/used as BIO-NPK-C compound biofertilizers and soil improvers. IP protected and Authority permitted original invention for lawful commercialization.


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