Learn about biochar applications in agriculture and its benefits – based on the latest research.

Biochar in Anaerobic Digestion

Biogas production is a complex, multi-step fermentation process for producing combustible gases based on the interaction of a wide variety

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Biochar Soil

Soil biochar is biochar that is applied directly to agricultural, horticultural or other green areas. The biochar must be loaded

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Litter Biochar

Litter biochar is an additive that keeps the litter in the stable dry and loose. Litter biochar is suitable for

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Biochar for Manure

One way to create manure biochar is to add biochar directly to manure. Manure biochar can enhance the effect as

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Biochar Feed

Due to its sponge-like structure, biochar can be used effectively to increase animal health and improve the indoor climate in

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