SPSC technology ensures stable production conditions and high environmental compatibility. Biochar produced with SPSC technology is of the highest quality according to the European Biochar Standard (EBC).


SPSC is the provider of high-quality, professional solutions for the production of biochar. The product range includes compact, mobile "stand-alone" solutions for decentralised use (flexible location), up to industrial reactors for large-scale production. The new VARIO XS series was developed as a fully automatic plant for everyone, is robust and has various additional options.

Plant size

100 tons up to 10000 tons, or 10KW up to 100MW

Type of production

Batch production, Continuous production

Process temperature


Possible feedstock

Biomass, organic

Maximum water content


Heat and energy use options

Energy, steam, gas, water, hot water, electricity, electrical energy, thermal energy, cooling


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